Ploovium is a software that, via cloud, connects, collects, analyzes and processes the data that come from some devices. In order for Ploovium to produce previsional data on the water behavior of the soil and then irrigation advice, in fact, the farm must have some equipment:

  1. a weather station (with anemometer, rain gauge, temperature and air humidity sensor) In the greenhouse there must also be an ad hoc one, which only has the temperature and humidity sensors);
  2. a soil detection device (one for each zone) connected to sensors set at one or two different depths (this may vary based on the crop and its roots growth).

Ploovium is able to interface with the most common devices on the market. If you already own any devices, simply check with us the compatibility with our system, so that Ploovium will be immediately ready to work.

For companies that want to buy both the Ploovium service and the necessary devices, we have strong partnerships with manufacturers which offer quality products and make us able to guarantee our customers particularly competitive prices.

The purpose of Ploovium, at the moment, is to monitor the water balance. For this reason, the standard package we offer to those who also need the devices, is based on the use of sensors specialized in this sense. However, for farms or research organizations that require a different set, for the detection, monitoring and forecasting calculations also on additional elements (such as specific nutrients for each crop, salinity, etc.) we are able to customize the service with ad hoc sensors and configuring the software to be adapted to the needs of the customer.

Pessl Instruments is an Austrian company, leader in the field of devices for agriculture 4.0. Our partnership with Pessl allows us to offer our customers products of guaranteed quality, the possibility of renting the equipment rather than buying them, and the guarantee of a timely after-sales assistance also on the hardware.

32Connect is an Italian company from Gallarate, with whom we have been collaborating for a long time and with satisfaction. The devices created by 32Connect combine the excellent quality-price ratio with the ability to configure customer service with maximum flexibility. Our partnership, in fact, is based on team work, which allows us to study the most suitable devices for each customer’s need, with the possibility to intervene on the hardware to modify every detail.

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