• Ploovium is alert.

    The climate change in progress does not allow us to program irrigation shifts valid for the whole life of the crop. Ploovium, without any intervention, adapts the distribution of irrigation to real conditions, anticipating the events that are not predictable on the long run but they definitely are on 5 days.

  • Ploovium learns.

    The correct management of irrigation requires information that sometimes the farmer does not have, first of all the composition of the soil. Ploovium allows you to also choose “I do not know” as an answer. In this case the software starts from standard settings to then train and, in a few days, get to know the hydric behavior of the soil, in order to make reliable irrigation forecasts with the aim of keeping the crop safe.

  • Ploovium warns you.

    The 5-day plans are calculated every day, but when the sensor data diverge from those predicted, they are automatically recalculated in real time. However, if these recalculations are too frequent, the Ploovium machine learning brain identifies the cause and intervenes automatically to solve the problem.

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