Is Ploovium a sensor?

No, Ploovium is a Decision Support System (DSS): an IT system, based on a set of technologies of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Management, and also sensors of detection and mechanical actuators (such as weather stations and ground detection sensors), enriched by an “ontological knowledge” that constantly interface the 5 day weather forecast.

Is Ploovium a kind of subscription service?

Yes, Ploovium is a service provided by annual subscription, there is no software to install and configure, it works via APP from any mobile device and computer.

I have both field and greenhouses, is  Ploovium good for all?

Yes. Ploovium can be used in the case of an open field, open field and greenhouses or just greenhouses. For greenhouses, in addition to the weather station to be installed in the field, it will need an additional specific one for the greenhouse (without rain gauge and anemometer).

I have a huge farm (or small farm), is Ploovium ok for me?

Ploovium service does not depend on the extension of the farm and not on the extent of each ZONE, but depends on the possibility that the farm has to differentiate the irrigation activity on the basis of the advice that Ploovium releases. Let’s say you have 2 different zones, for example one for corn and one for vegetables, or you only have corn but you have two very different terrains for composition, or exposure, or slope … it’s important that your irrigation system allows you to irrigate the two zones in different times, based on the predictions that Ploovium will give you about the water behavior of each specific piece of field.

What’s a ZONE?

A zone is a field or a portion of it, which has a general homogeneity (in terms of soil, exposure and slope) and on which a single crop has been sown (or you are about to sow). The minimum or maximum extension is not important.

Which devices and sensors can Ploovium interface with?

Ploovium is able to interface and communicate with the most common devices. Currently we have a partnership with some manufacturers that, for example, in the devices for the ground have Watermark sensors. Nontheless, to cite a specific case, for a project that concerns the monitoring of salinity, we are also using Spectrum. The configuration of the service, in fact, can be modified on the basis of specific needs and the equipment that the farmer may already have.

Is Ploovium also able to monitor elements like copper or nitrogen?

The standard configuration of Ploovium, at the moment, monitors the hydric behavior of the soil, not the presence of specific chemical elements. This is because the primary objective of Ploovium’s service is to provide accurate predictions for the definition of the best irrigation strategy. However, using specific sensors, and configuring the service to be able to process different data, our system is also able to monitor additional elements. We are available to study specific solutions for farms anc researchers who have special requests.

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